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Terms and Condition

Dear guest,

we are pleased about your interest in our house. With pleasure, we will inform you about the services we provide and the obligations you have towards us. Please note that our terms and conditions are part of all contracts and you acknowledge them with your booking.

§1 Object of agreement

1. A furnished apartment is let at the Aparthotel, Am Mainzer Golfclub, Budenheimer Parkallee 9, 55257 Budenheim.
The categories Comfort and Premium are let for a maximum of 2 guests, executive suites for a maximum of 4 guests for residential purposes. The apartment is furnished according to the inventory list, which is handed over to the guest upon handover. After handing over the apartment to the guest, the guest has 4 hours to determine any existing deficiencies in the apartment and to make the Aparthotel aware of them. If no defects / damages are reported - the guest is liable for all damages and defects, which are found upon his departure. The same applies to any missing inventories.


The contract is concluded as soon as the booked apartments are confirmed by the Aparthotel to the customer in writing.  2. The guest is entitled to use the apartment according to the respectively valid house or usage rules. These are on display in the hotel and are also available on the homepage 3. The following keys are immediately handed to the guest upon their arrival for the duration of their stay: - 2 key cards per guest (to access the entrance and room door. 


§ 2 arrival and departure
Aparthotel will provide the agreed apartment capacities on the day of arrival from 15:00 onwards unless agreed and confirmed otherwise. The return of the apartment capacities must be made no later than 12 noon on the day of departure. Should the departure be delayed until 18:00, the Aparthotel is entitled to charge up to 50% of the rental fee. After 18:00 up to 100% can be charged. Booked apartments must be occupied by 20:00 on the day of arrival, or the Aparthotel has to be informed in writing about a late arrival, otherwise the ordered apartments can be utilised at the Aparthotel's discretion. The customer shall send a list of the guests' names to the Aparthotel at least 2 weeks before arrival.


§ 3 Duration of stay
1. The contract of accommodation is valid for the duration of the period agreed in the booking confirmation. The maximum rental period must not exceed 6 months.
2. The accommodation contract is only for the temporary use of the apartment and therefore ends on the date specified in the reservation confirmation, without the need for a notice of termination.  
3. If the guest continues to use the apartment after expiry of the period laid down in para. 2, he/she will be liable to pay damages in full to the Aparthotel if the apartment has already been rented to another guest. A continuation or renewal of the accommodation contract must be agreed in writing. Verbal agreements are void.
4. The guest has the option to extend the accommodation contract. In order to exercise this right, the guest must advise the Aparthotel in writing 4 weeks before the expiry date of the stay, how long he/she intends to continue using the apartment. In the event that the Aparthotel has already concluded an accommodation agreement with another guest for the same apartment, the Aparthotel is entitled to accommodate the guest in a comparable apartment during the extension of the stay. Should this also not be possible, the guest cannot exercise his option right and the contract of accommodation ends with the expiry of the period laid down in para. (1).
5. Should the guest choose an option pursuant to para. 4, the chosen option shall only be effective, if a new accommodation contract is signed by both parties.
6. If the guest is in arrears with the payments pursuant to § 3 by more than 7 days, the Aparthotel has an immediate extraordinary right of contract termination with a notice of one day and is entitled to withdraw the guests right of access to the apartment.


§ 4 Amount of remuneration
1. The price per person and apartment, including operating costs, is stated in the reservation confirmation. If the rental period is less than one month, billing is done on a weekly or daily basis. The rates are based on the currently valid price list, which can be viewed on the homepage of the aparthotel at or can be provided by the Aparthotel. For an occupancy of more guests than stated in §1, 1 a charge of € 25.00 including VAT per day and additional guest applies.
2. If the guest does not occupy the apartment at the concluded date as stated in the contract, he/she still owes the remuneration for the duration of the stay, until the apartment is let to another guest. 


3.In case of occupancy of more guests than stated in §1, 1, the consent of the landlord shall be obtained in writing in advance. The rent increases as described in § 4.1.
4. Payments for the duration of use have to be paid in advance for each month, week, or day in cash, by credit or debit card.
5. In case of chargeable services being used, they will be calculated according to the currently valid price list. The guest will inform the Aparthotel at least 3 days in advance if and how often these services are required.
6. On request, the guest can use the washing machine and the dryer in the laundry room in the cellar. The price is based on the currently valid price list.
7. On the last day of the stay (date of check-out), the guest has to vacate the apartment by 12.00 noon. After the end of the stay, the apartment will be cleaned and an amount of € 120.00 including VAT will be charged, as long as no other agreement is confirmed. If the guest does not pay this amount separately, the Aparthotel has the right to deduct this amount from the deposit.
8. The provider has the right to increase the price per person and apartment with a notice of 4 weeks in accordance with the current price lists. If the guest does not agree with the rent increase, a special cancellation right with 2 weeks’ notice is granted. 


§ 5 Security deposit and rental payments

1. For a tenancy of 1-6 months, the deposit is the equvalent to the monthly rent of the apartment and must be paid in cash, by bank transfer, by credit, or debit card. For a tenancy of a week or less, a credit card authorization must be provided. Alternatively, the rent can be paid cash upon arrival.
2. The monthly rent is to be to the Aparthotel, one month in advance, to the below mentioned account of the Aparthotel or handed to the Aparthotel in cash:

Bank details:
Contact Us | BLZ:
550 501 20 | Kto: 200 095 883 BIC: MALADE51MNZ | IBAN: DE54 5505 0120 0200 0958 83

For payments by credit card, a charge of 2.5% of the booking value, applies.
The Aparthotel is entitled to request an advance payment for the processing of the services. If the advance payment is not received on time, the Aparthotel hast the right to terminate the concluded contract. Accepted methods of payment: Cash, EC-card, Maestro, MasterCard, VISACARD, American Express Card. All invoices by the Aparthotel must be paid within 14 days after receipt without deduction.

§ 6 Use of premises and maintenance
1. The guest may only use the premises for residential purposes. No alterations of any kind to, in or on the premises are permitted.
2. The guest is obligated to treat the premises as well as all objects contained therein with due care and to use technical equipment properly. The apartment must be ventilated and heated appropriately. In the guests absence, lighting must be switched off and heating must be turned down.
3. The apartment is a non-smoking apartment. Smoking is not permitted under any circumstances.. Should the guest nevertheless smoke, the damage or additional costs incurred by him/her for the renovation/cleaning on departing the apartment will be charged in full. The additional costs of the special cleaning fee of 350,00 Euro will be invoiced in any case.
4. Pets are prohibited - unless the Aparthotel has given written permission. If the guest keeps pets in the apartment, the Aparthotel is entitled to charge for additional cleaning costs in full according.
5. The guest is liable for culpable damage to the apartment, including accessories and equipment, which he/she him-/herself or, persons which come into contact with the apartment, at the instigation of the guest, have caused. The customer is liable to the Aparthotel for all damages or claims indirectly or directly caused by him/her or his /her guests jointly and severally. Constructional changes to the apartment are not permitted. The same applies to damages in the stairwell or the entrance area, if the damage was caused by the above-mentioned group of people.
6. The guest is obligated to immediately notify the Aparthotel of any damage to the apartment. The guest is liable for damages caused by culpable violation of care.
7. The guest is obligated to avoid noise/disturbances in accordance with §7. If he/she does not do so - the Aparthotel has the right to terminate the contract with a maximum of 3 days notice. As proof, it is sufficient for the Aparthotel to present the complaint of at least 2 guests.
8. The Aparthotel is liable for the guests belongings, according to the provisions of the German Civil Code (BGB), unless the room or container from which the objects were stolen, was unsealed.

§ 7 Avoidance of noise pollution
In the period from 1 pm to 3 pm and from 10 pm to 6 am (on Sundays and bank holidays until 8 am), guests must comply with unconditional peace in the house, in particular avoid making music, parties, as well as listening to music louder than room volume. Further details can be found in the House Rules.

§ 8 Termination of the contract
Upon termination of the contract, the guest has to hand over the apartment in the condition as supplied by the Aparthotel. Personal items of the guest may only remain in the property with the consent of the Aparthotel. All key cards and keys are to be handed back to the Aparthotel. The same applies to all inventory handed over to the guest at the time of occupation (see inventory list). Should the guest violate these conditions, the duely increased time required for the final cleaning and refurbishment will be charged according to the currently valid price list.

§ 9 Reporting obligation
In accordance with German law (§ 28-31 of the Bundesmeldegesetz), persons who are accommodated must sign a special registration slip on the day of arrival. Traveling relatives are only to be indicated in figures on the ticket. For groups of more than ten persons this obligation to register only applies to the tour guide; he shall indicate the number of guests and their nationality.
Foreign guests who have to be listed by name on the tour guides registration form must register with the head of the Aparthotel by submitting a valid identity document (recognized and valid passport or supplement passport).

§ 10 Cancellation Period for Aparthotel
The following free cancellation periods are granted to the purchaser for the agreed services, while respecting the written format:
100% of booking value until 8 weeks before arrival
50% of booking value until 4 weeks prior to arrival
10% of booking value until 2 weeks before arrival

§ 11 No-Show / Cancellation Fees
In the case of non-utilization of the services ordered, the customer is obliged to pay the booking costs incurred / basic costs in full (100%) of the agreed booking value for the apartments. Excluded from this are unused arrangements as well as services, e.g. laundry, breakfast and / or room cleaning. Apart from this, costs having incurred by the Aparthotel, e.g. by commissioning of subcontractors, are chargable in full against proof of cost.

§ 12 Access authorization
The Aparthotel's authorized representative may enter the apartment for cleaning, reading of measuring instruments, routine checks, as well as for maintenance and repair work and any other necessary purposes, even without prior consent of the guest, within a reasonable period of time.

§ 13 Disclaimer of liability
The Aparthotel is entitled to entrust any subcontractor to fulfil individual program parts, like arrangements and transfers, which were booked by the guest. The Aparthotel always acts on behalf and in the name of the customer, like an intermediary and is not liable for the proper fulfilment of the services of the respective subcontractor. Should any claims for damages by the guest arise against a subcontractor, these shall be reported directly by the guest to the subcontractor. The accounting of the Aparthotel to the customer and his/her obligation to pay remain unaffected.


§ 14 Other agreements
1. The apartment is handed over in a defect-free condition. If defects are found, they must be notified to the Aparthotel in writing within 4 hours after the apartment has been occupied, in accordance with § 1 of this contract. The guest assures that he/she is in possession of a valid private liability insurance. If the contractual partner is a legal company, the latter, declares that it will ensure the regulation of damages, by means of a liability acceptance declaration.
2. In the case of loss of key cards or cellar key, a fee of 50.00 € is charged. Furthermore, the guest's liability is not affected for loss-induced damage.
3. The Aparthotel reserves the right to withdraw from the contract, if force majeure or labor force measures make it impossible to fulfil the obligations, without the guests right to claim damages. Changes in the allocation of apartments, technology, the promised rooms or supporting programs are permissible as long as this does not affect the essential interests of the guest. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies, the court of jurisdiction is Mainz, the place of fulfilment is the seat of the Aparthotel. 

§ 15 Severability clause

Should a provision of this contract be invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. The parties agree to adopt an effective regulation which is as close as possible to this provision, instead of the invalid provision.